Once you're logged in to the Jobber app, the first thing you should see is your schedule for the current day.

Each cleaning job that you have will be listed in your schedule.

If have the day off, your schedule should look something like this:

Different Views of the Schedule

There are two different types of views that are available for looking at your schedule:

  1. Timeline View
  2. List View

Timeline View

In this view, you can look at your jobs for the day from a calendar-like view. You are able to see your schedule from an hour-to-hour basis.

List View:

In this view, you can see your jobs for the day all on one page. Start and end times are listed with the jobs as well.

Supervisor on Shift:

When looking at your schedule, at the top you should be able to see a name and phone number for the current supervisor(s) on shift. Their shifts will also be listed on your schedule, so you know who to contact, and at what time.

*picture of supervisor on shift*

Start Time

To determine your start time, take a look at your schedule and find out which cleaning job is the first one of the day. You should arrive at the office 15 minutes before your first clean is meant to start. For example: if your first cleaning job starts at 7:00pm, arrive at the office at 6:45pm to meet with your partner and get all of your cleaning supplies ready. Arriving 15 minutes early ensures that you stay on schedule for the rest of your work day.

Take a look at this video to get a more in-depth idea of how to look at your schedule.

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