Starting and stopping job timers

We use job timers as a way of measuring the time it takes to do each job, as well as help us schedule jobs better in the future. The job timers are a good tool for helping you keep track during your shift.

Starting Job Timers

Once you arrive at the job site, open up the jobber app and click on the job that you are about to start. Next, simply click the Start Timer button.

Stopping Job Timers

Once a job is completed, return to your vehicle. Next, select the job once more on the app, and hit the Stop Timer button.

Completing a Job

Once the timer has been stopped and your job is finished, click the Mark Completed button next to the timer.

Logging out for Breaks

Taking Breaks:

You are able to take one half-hour unpaid break during your shift. Clocking out for your break works the same as clocking in and out regularly.

Clocking out for Break:

Go to your Time Sheet on the Jobber app, and hit CLOCK OUT.

Clocking in from Break:

Once your lunch break is over, go back to your Time Sheet and hit CLOCK IN.

Check out this video for a tutorial on starting and stopping job timers:

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